Hindraf to remain non-political, says leader

(The Star) HINDRAF chairman P.Waytha­moor­thy, who is in self-exile in London, has vowed to keep the organisation non-political.

Makkal Osai quoted him as saying that any former Hindraf coordinator or leader who was interested in forming a political party should temporarily detach himself from the movement.

In his statement, Waythamoor­thy also announced the appointment of a three-man interim committee to the lead the organisation while its leadership structure was being revamped.

He also said that MPs M. Mano­­ga­ran (DAP – Teluk Intan) and S. Mani­ka­­vasagam (PKR – Kapar) would act as advisers/

Manikavasagam said in an interview that restructuring Hindraf was a strategic move for the organisation to face new challenges and prepare the Indian voters for the next general election.

He also said that Waythamoorthy had informed him that he wanted to prepare the people to work together with the Opposition to defeat the Barisan Nasional government.