Dear Mr Todt,


I am an average Malaysian busybody. And also a petrol head. I am about to shower on you the usual Malaysian hospitality.

On behalf of all average Malaysians, I would like to congratulate you on being accepted by our Government into the Malaysian 2nd Home scheme. I could see that you are well pleased as your application was approved "faster than a Ferrari", to borrow your words. You see, our Government is very efficient. If they want to. That is. But frankly Mr Todt, that was not fast enough. Because Ferraris are not that fast. You should have said, "faster than a Nissan GTR". Now, that would be damn fast!

May I welcome you to Malaysia, your second home. I am sure you will be pleased to bits to be here. Frankly, you will feel at home here. There are so many Ferraris on the road here. And they all drive within the speed limit, namely, 110. But of course they forget, the 110 shown on the Ferrari's speedometer is in mph. At the F1 track, there are also many Ferraris, although, quite strangely, some of them could be seen resting in the gravel trap at turn 13. I don't really know why.

You may want to know what an "average" Malaysian is. Allow me to describe. Average Malaysians are simple men and women. In the good old Great Britain, they might be referred to as "the simpletons". But you must remember, in Malaysia, there are 2 categories of "simple" people.

First, there are simple people with entitlements to a lot of things. Like flying first class on tax payers' money. Like making technical trips to far Disneyland, Dubai or where ever. Like staying in Presidential suites at 5 star hotels and being driven in a limousine rented for more than RM2000 a day. These are simple people with entitlements and also with simple tastes.