GMP apologises to Malaysiakini

(Bernama) – Gagasan Melayu Perak (GMP) today clarified that the police report it made yesterday over an article insulting Sultan Azlan Shah and Raja Muda Raja Dr Nazrin Shah of Perak has nothing to do with the Malaysiakini website.

GMP president Datuk Seri Mohd Hilmi Ismail said the report was against an internet surfer who used the nickname PASOK.

He said the individual was the one responsible in writing comments against Sultan Azlan and Raja Nazrin on a website.

"GMP apologises to Malaysiakini for mistakenly stating it was the one that published the irresponsible article," he said.

Hilmi said the report was lodged because GMP wanted to ensure action be taken on the party involved in insulting the Sultan and Raja Muda of Perak.