Najib! Where is the Indonesia model Manohara?

A startling allegation has surfaced in a Surabaya newspaper about a member of the Kelantan royal household, Muhammad Fakhry (the son of the ruler) who is said to have ‘abducted and abused‘ his 17-year-old Indonesian model wife. According to the Surya newspaper, the family of Manohara Odelia Pinot is now in the dark as to her whereabouts and fear for her safety.

They also claimed that the French Indonesian model, who was named as one of the country’s top models by an international magazine, was cut with a razor blade by her husband. Manohara’s parent tried to enter Malaysia to reclaim their daughter but was stopped by the Immigration Department, under the instruction of the Raja Perempuan of Kelantan (the ruler’s wife), and Najib, the prime minister of Malaysia.

Manohara’s mother, Daisy Fajarina, said the royalty had forcefully taken her daughter away in a private jet from Saudi Arabia, where the family had gone to perform the umrah (pilgrimage) last month. Manohara’s family was invited to perform the umrah between February 25 and March 9 this year in order to reconcile with the royalty.