You are the enemy of your own Religion!

Restriction on Religions by Humans

The growth of a religion believed to be a promise between GOD PROPHETS and HUMANS, any religion on this earth is believed from God, and yet we are restricting the growth of it by imposing our own restrictions, rules, law and way of life.

Love for a religion and its prophets can be attained by studying analyzing and getting closer to its followers and teachings.

Human are sometimes acting on behalf or even smarter than God by setting their own ground and fences. Which a non-believer will never come closer to or take an effort to get to know on what’s the core of its teachings.

The Believers on the other hand will feel constraint and will feel a discomfort in the restriction and even to share the teaching of the religion to his friends and even strangers.

Humans are the person that set all the restrictions and failing the plan of the Prophets to spread the Nobel teachings and believes of any religion.

Here, I think it is a Sin of any Individual, Group, Government and Establishment that acts in the name of Religion and creates fear through their act and restrict the spread of the religion and the name of the prophet. I as an Individual and as a person who wants to know about all the religions in the world fear and lost interest in one or two religion that’s practiced in Malaysia in a way that practices too much of restriction and favoritism and injustice to the other religions and individual.

All the religion on earth started with one person.. The prophet itself which has spread to millions.. No religion on earth has ever asked the followers to choose people to spread its teachings. All humans has the right to study and follow the religion of any prophets and Humans has NO rights to stop or to execute or restrict anyone on their interest and love for any religion on earth! In the eye of God all Humans are the same, God do not choose you by your color or your religion, or your Race and Status.

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights defines religious conversion as a human right: "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief…." (Article 18). Though this is controversial because some groups either forbid or restrict religious conversion.

Those who forbid or restrict the religious conversion is a sinner! Religion came from God and through a prophet,, who are Humans to restrict them?

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