Open Letter to Dato Daljit Singh Dhalliwal

By Proud Sikh 

Dear Dato, the reason I am writing this email is because I was pissed when I saw a congratulation message to the new PM which you had taken out.

Why I am pissed you ask? Firstly what you do using your own name is your problem and I really couldn’t care less. However, what pissed me off was the sentence which you added  “WE THE SIKH COMMUNITY ARE PROUD OF YOU”. 

I would like to ask you, who authorised you to represent the Sikhs? I am a Sikh and I don’t recall authorising you to represent me. Are you aware that you can be sued for false representation? 

If you feel the need to suck up to Najib for your own personal gain, do it using your own name and do not insult the Sikhs who are people with pride and integrity. True Sikhs do not bow down to anyone and will not stoop as low as you have. You are a disgrace to the Sikh community. Obviously, your reason for taking out the full page message was to suck up to Najib hoping you will gain something out of it.

I would also like to ask you how many Sikh members do you have in the Malaysian Punjabi Chambers of Commerce and Industries? The only members you have are all self serving members who are only concerned with their own personal gain and do not give a damm about the Sikh community. So what right have you got to use the good name of the Sikhs to do your dirty bidding, ie., sucking up to the PM?

Maybe you could tell us, todate, what benefits have the Sikhs got from the government? As far as I know, the Sikhs have been taking care of themselves. Politicians do not even bother to visit the Sikhs except for election time, the good for nothing Samy Vellu would pay his visit to gurdwaras just to ask for support and donation. After that, the Sikhs are forgotten until the next election. As Sikhs and Malaysians who have contributed our share to the country, what have we got in return? Would you care to share? Maybe you know something I don’t. 

Secondly, I would like to ask you, when you placed that sentence of Sikhs being proud of him, do you even know what being proud means? What is there for Sikhs to be proud of Najib? Is he your son or your son-in-law that you feel proud he has become the PM? He is not even a fellow Sikh that it's something for Sikhs to be proud. One would only feel proud of someone’s achievement if you have a personal relationship with that person or know the person very well and close to that person. I do not see any of the above instances that apply for Sikhs to be proud of Najib who became the PM by default. It wasn’t even an election that got him the post. So why should Sikhs be proud of him?

A simple congratulatory message would have been sufficient, you did not have to go overboard to suck up to him. 

Again, I remind you, please refrain from claiming to represent the Sikhs as we have not authorised you to do so. We are proud of our heritage and we don’t need a fake Sikh like you to speak on our behalf. You obviously do not have the true pride and integrity that a Sikh possesses. We are perfectly capable of speaking and representing ourselves. Unless you have got a written authorisation from all the Sikhs in the country to represent them, do not ever use the phrase ‘WE THE SIKHS’ for any of your suck up messages, as this amounts to misrepresentation.