Shahrir against crooked bridge, prefers better ties

(The Star) – Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad is against the revival of the crooked bridge project and has instead proposed that both countries work together to build a straight one.

He said a straight bridge would be good for building better bilateral ties between both governments.

The Singapore Government has agreed on the development of iconic projects in Iskandar Malaysia.

“Why not build a straight bridge as one of the iconic projects?” he asked.

Shahrir added that a new straight bridge across the causeway would show renewed bond and would benefit both countries.

“It has come to my attention that many Johoreans are hopeful that our new prime minister and Cabinet will revive the crooked bridge project.

“The public must understand that bilateral ties between both countries will suffer if the project is revived,” he said, adding that the Malaysian Government should consider all implications when reviewing the project.

The Star had reported recently that many businesses have been suffering since the opening of the new CIQ complex last year and they were counting on the crooked bridge project to be revived to boost business in the city.

Shahrir was speaking to reporters at the launch of an anti-drug community service centre for residents of Taman Sri Stulang yesterday.

On the decision to open the old CIQ complex to pedestrians, Shahrir commended the Government and hoped that it would be implemented soon.