Zul Noordin slams Selangor for keeping Eli

By Neville Spykerman (The Malaysian Insider)

KUALA LUMPUR, April 17 — Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is facing the brunt of a budding backlash against keeping Elizabeth Wong in the state government despite the circulation of intimate photographs of her.

Distancing himself from the party's decision, Kulim MP Zulkfili Noordin said it reflected Selangor's disrespect to Wong's offer to resign from her executive council post and Bukit Lanjan seat.

"The decision by the mentri besar and Selangor government will add pressure on Eli. It is certain that there are parties who will take the opportunity to put pressure on Eli," Zulkifli wrote in his weblog on Wednesday, referring to Wong by her popular nickname.

Khalid on Wednesday announced that Selangor had rejected Wong's resignation from the Bukit Lanjan seat and the state executive council, two months after she tearfully left when the intimate pictures surfaced.

Zulkifli is no stranger himself to controversy after there was pressure for him to be dropped from PKR for barging into an interfaith forum organised by the Bar Council last year. But PKR has not taken any action against him.

"Eli chose to resign and had in fact resigned. That is her personal right. I am confident Eli knows and understands the problem she faces," he wrote in the post.

He criticised Khalid for basing his decision on the police failure to complete their investigations when "it is common knowledge that it had stalled because of the lack of cooperation from a suspect who has gone missing".

“My sympathies lie with Wong and I was the first to come out to defend her and to call for action against those who infringed on her personal privacy.”

However, he said sympathy for her and forcing her to continue were two separate issues.

“I hope the mentri besar and his administration will reconsider the decision,” said Zulkifli.