The ‘Crooked Bridge’ Returns With Cronies

By now I’m sure all of us are aware that TDM under Datuk Seri Najib already started again his dirty works. As an experience politican more or less he knows that the lifetime of the BN Government and himself are numbered.

So I think he will make use of the remaining time and the opportunity in favour of him, his family and his cronies.

As well all know, The Crooked Bridge was his unfinish project. Since now he’s holding the “Remote Control” of the government, I’m very very sure he will get it done either by hook or crook. For that, as usual they will use the ordinary rakyat as their excuse to create the situation that the rakyat badly need The Crooked Bridge. For the past few days, we can see how their machinery such as UMNO Johor, their cronies already came up with comments in newspaper that this bridge will boost the business in JB and so on.

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