Proton Cars Being Ridiculed in UK

Before a car is being put into the market, car reviewers will usually give their expert verdict on how good a car is.

One of them is Top Gear, a famous United Kingdom TV show that has its car review magazines being published worldwide and their website being read by potential car buyers internationally.

Malaysia's national car, the Proton brand, is being sold in UK and therefore they are being reviewed as well. Want to know what was Top Gear's verdict? Here goes nothing (the following write-ups and pictures were sourced from Top Gear's website):-

We don’t know what Malaysian motorists did to upset the gods, but it must have been something pretty serious, judging by the punishment they seem to be getting. Still, at least the domestic audience thinks this stuff is the norm – what on earth do they think they’re doing bringing it to the UK? Walk away.

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