Whose interest?

By Amde Sidik, Kadayan Journal

Sarawak Chief Minister beamed with smile after meeting the Prime Minister that was quoted in the media soon after Datuk Najib Tun Abd Razak announced the line up of his cabinet. Why one may ask?  The answer is obvious his son Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abd Rahman was appointed as Deputy Minister of Tourism.

While former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad likewise whose son is also in the cabinet line up as Deputy Minister said, he didn’t do any lobbying for Datuk Mukhriz. 

Datuk Mukhriz lost in his bet for UMNO Youth Chief selection to Khairy Jamaluddin yet he was appointed as Minister. Many people think if the father honestly didn’t do any kowtow, then Najib must have been terhutang budi– and greatly influenced by his former boss.

Another irony in the making is the Deputy Youth leader was also appointed as Deputy Minister leaving out its Chief with no cabinet post, by tradition in the past, the Chief had always held a full ministerial post. 

Tun Mahathir now back joining UMNO he had been playing ping-pong with UMNO that in itself is an issue. One wonders what will he say if others do it?

His timing was more than perfect coincided with the by election of the two bukits recently. No, I don’t think ordinarily voters care very much by looking at the result of the elections. The Midas touch was out of power; new era has begun Tun Mahathir shouldn’t act selfishly or childishly anymore. Disgraceful. 

It is obvious that the UMNO Youth Chief is alienated if not outcaste by the present members of the cabinet. Whatever the argument is, the Malay culture, which has always been tactful and polite in handling diplomacy in the past, now is fading out just as much as UMNO’s lustre. 

Let me say this, Taib Mahmud who was happy for his son appointed a minister at Federal level, but only to find out later, Sabah has overtaken Sarawak in term of numbers of ministers holding portfolios. Does it mean Sabah is now much favoured by the new Prime Minister? 

Sabah is closer to Najib’s chest; Sabah has directly contributed in the making of Najib the sixth Prime Minister. Sabah’s UMNO representation and support in the UMNO assembly has been crucial all this while, neglecting Sabah is a recipe for disaster. Principally, Sabah leaders survivability in politic is based on mutual benefit, i.e., KK-KL and vice versa, rakyat approval or disapproval plays little role if any. 

Sarawak likewise has no direct contribution; Sarawak’s BN is decided by one man the Chief Minister of Sarawak not the President of UMNO. It’s Sarawak BN Chairman that controls and decides the form and shape of the State BN.

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