Who will Hisham Hussein arrest first?

After an eternity in the ministry of education, where he managed to promise people indefinitely that he would try to bring policies that will stop the muck education is in for decades — now he can start to play police and thief, as the home minister.

So Hishamuddin ‘Always endeavouring to look strong and manly by gripping effeminately phallic symbols like keris’ Hussein, is now the man sent to replace baldy.

It is too tempting to not guess who is on the printed list Hisham places under his pillow nightly, hoping it would give a sense of strength in his dreams.

Despite the physical frailties of the man, to show he is a true blue-blood, he will arrest someone at least, a statement to all those who used to tease him in school, “Never again”.

So who will be in that list eh? Well here we go — “Our top ten of who Hisham will arrest under the ISA soon”.