Should Malaysia be renamed MAHATHIR

By R. Shan (Human Being)

The master of distortion of the truth is back at work. He alone can dictate the path and direction of the Malaysian nation because he is so right and his only premeditated intentions are concerns for the nation. So we are made to believe.

Ever wondered why TAR (Bapa Merdeka) despised him so much, and Tun Hussein bin Dato' Onn (Bapa Perpaduan) would rather support Semangat 46 during the UMNO crises in the late 80’s.
Mahathir is actually a spoilt child; he needs to have everything his own way and it does not matter if the whole nation is at stake. Great orator, great thinker and above all a master manipulator who would even put David Copperfield to shame as he actually deals with society’s life rather than illusion to serve only his own notions.
The so-called aggressors in the opposition in the 70's, 80's or even the early 90’s was no match because then even though there was the truth in front of us, there was no unity.
Sure, the obeisant crowd at will continue, but obviously Mahathir is not dumb. Even with all the revolt against Mahathirism, he can dictate the course of the country for what he feels right although society is at stake.

Today however, it is a new chapter; with infusion of information, experience and basic freedom, we see the light that fear and materialization is only temporary. For without unity in our actions all this would mean nothing.
Kugan died; Adi Mansor Anwar was in a coma; Utusan Malaysia with its “Bangkitlah Melayu”; Mahathir has nothing to say about these. Whereas from the crooked bridge and Augusta deal, and anything that concerns him or his personal interests, he has a zillion things to talk about.
For sure Mahathirism is back but how effective and forceful depends on our unity with one another as a truly “Anak Bangsa Malaysia” as opposed to serving one person’s individual indulgence that had the society living in it's shell for fear and material needs.
Fortunately, today we are part and parcel of the product of the late MGG Pillai, RPK and HINDRAF to enhance unity and are able to digest what is real and what is an illusion for the society.
It is we, individually, that need to recognize and reconcile amongst us for the betterment of humankind rather than for personal glory in Malaysia. It is we, as Malaysians, in the current day and time, who must put aside our differences and work towards the truth that face us.
Malaysians, let’s move forward in unity for this is our era to be a United Anak Malaysia.