The Reality from the Apparent

Since publishing the 'Malay Dilemma' , Mahathir had been ruling Malaysia. Forty years of meticulous planning, control and management is relatively easy, when one is driven by unsatiated thirst for dominance, on a nation made up mostly by subservient lot, within an intentionally  modified feudal system.

By Born Independent, Live without Liberty

Four decades of rule bring with it strong allegiances and a network of key personnel in strategic seats of government, police, defence and key judges in a defunct Judiciary. Hence it is of no surprise that Pak Lah's sincere and genuine efforts were scuttled and he was made to look inept and useless.

Mahathir had to vacate the premiership in 2002 as feedback, from government apparatus, was as clear as day that with him at the helm BN would lose the 2003 election. Najib would be a poor choice then, and the whiter than white Pak Lah was ideal.

Even though there was nothing Mahathir could hold on Pak Lah, there were enough 'generals' aligned to the former to nullify the latter. Totally unaware, Pak Lah even kept harping on 'little Napoleans' early on during his tenure. If only he had taken the effort to remove all of Caesar's men.

Just as the removal of Anwar had to be orchestrated, done within a year, Pak Lah proved to be more resilient, but in the end, was summarily dispensed off.

The brutal murder of Altantunya provided Mahathir with the perfect hold on Najib, as the actual investigation reports by the 'little Napoleans' never reached Pak Lah.

Najib's cabinet provides more than ample proof that the premiership of a 'doctored constitutional monarchy' can be vacated but not surrendered.

Only when Reality is seen from the Apparent, can one make sense of the past forty years and till 2020, as the vision is not one of a Developed nation, but that of a recalcitrant tyrant. Only a true disciple of Machiavelli can and will do this, made so much easier by a culturally feudal subservient mindset.

Long Live Mahathir, and well done!

I will piss on your grave, after ISA is abolished???
Yours Sincerely
Born Independent, Live without Liberty