My Dear Kugan


I am here to share the same sentiment as other fellow indian do out there.

Where is the voice of Pakatan Rakyat after PRU12??? Why is it fading away from us when it used to be so loud before PRU12??

What has happened to the case of Kugan that PR/PKR/DAP has undertaken? Mr Gobind Singh once shouted that WE WILL FIGHT UNTIL THE END but why is he keeping so QUIET after police raided the doctor's site and seized all relevant documents? If you guys from out there can't handle it with some professionalism then just leave it to someone who can do it better but just don't get into things for the sake of publicity!!!!

KR/PR/DAP/PAS are too busy fighting for their personal interests and benefits, too busy condemning the BN goverment!
I am here NOT to defend the BN/MIC/MCA or whatever party but my concern is just, WHY IS KUGAN'S CASE STILL PENDING & WHY NO OFFICERS HAVE BEEN CHARGED YET???? We demand an EXPLANATION from Pakatan Rakyat!!!

Please reply but NOT with your lame excuses as we are sick and tired of hearing those!