Mahathir the happiest man: Part 1

Najib is now the President of UMNO while Muhyiddin is his Deputy and that is what Dr Mahathir wanted all the way since he broke off the talking line with Abdullah Badawi since 2006.

Dr Mahathir has rejoined UMNO as he is not complaining much about the current political circumstances; he only has persona non grata with Abdullah and Khairy, and that was apparent the only reason why he helped UMNO to hell.

What he cares is only his wants and greed, and anything short he would damage the government and even the party.

In actuality Dr Mahathir is not that choosy about the right attribute of a leader to rule the nation in a proper manner.

Dr Mahathir is just like any ordinary member’s mentality and that is where and why Dr Mahathir feels so comforting having Najib to be the leader and deputized by Muhyiddin.

To Dr Mahathir his missions are accomplished except with diminutive disappointment over his son’s defeat in the contest for UMNO youth head to his arch rival’s son-in-law, Khairy; and that made him to decide not to attend the UMNO General Assembly in protest on the 26th March.

Unlike many on the street, Mahathir does not really bother to see Najib as a clean leader as his concern is to see Abdullah’s political demise and succeeded by some one whom he can turn and curve with.