Constitution of Malaysia

We all know that The Federal Constitution of Malaysia is the supreme law of Malaysia but do you know how many times did the constitution being amended?

As of early 2008, the number of individual amendments to the constitution is estimated to be about 670. Well, excluding a few amendments that were made to let Singapore gain independence, the amount of amendment will not go lower than 640 times.

Look at the amount of amendment that was made since our country independence, Malaysia for sure outpace nearly most of the country in the world for the amount of amendment that was made, even United States of America also lose because US amended her constitution for only 27th times.

Frankly speaking, certain amendment I do support such as the amendment which strip off the royal family's immunity from being charge or sue for their misdeed. This is good but as for the other amendments, I can say that they amend to accommodate their own interest instead of the rakyat interest, in short, abuse of power. The most serious case is the amendment that was made in 1988 that put judiciary under Parliament's influence.

All I can say is that most of the roots of unrest & havoc in this country started from the amendment of constitution. We should always be vigilant whenever a law was enacted or amended because any law that was enacted or amended will affect us in some ways. If it doesn't favor the rakyat, tell those in charge through any channel you can. Don't accept it blindly. We should dictate our country destiny because our country practice democracy where people is the master.

Below are the major & most controversial amendments that were ever made in Malaysia history.