Engage the government.. Set the benchmark

1. I have been reading too many comments and blogs that has been hitting at everything that the government does. It appears that nothing that the government do is right these days.

I do not know what happen to the general Malaysian Public that over a period of 5 years, the government that has ruled since Merdeka that has always been acceptable is now unacceptable. I guess the freedom that Pak Lah gave and the dynamics of political landscape has change people perception of the government. Pak Lah actions affected me as well and now I am now more politically conscious and very happy with it.

2. In my previous writing, I said give the government a chance. Malaysian has spoken and already elected the government at the states and Federal level. While in Perak, I would agree that BN take over of the government was done in haste. Now everyone is blaming BN. Is it really BN fault for taking opportunity of the situation? PR has nominated the “wrong” candidate that could not stand the test of time. They have placed self-interest above community interest. In a way, PR is also at fault because it has nominated weak candidates as well is unable to take care of its team.

3. It is time to stop making things worse for Malaysia. If things worsen for Malaysia, we as the citizen will suffer. I am happy having good people heading the state government. For a very long time, I was hoping that political top brass would bring themselves to the ground and this is now happening in Selangor. The Selangor government is listening to the people and because of this; the Federal Government is changing. Now they are willing to listen. That is good. That is the impact of having a balance of power.

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