Another Nail in the Coffin

The news about the MIC’s increasing marginalisation is not premature. As a matter of fact, the news is quite telling as well as symbolic of the steady and precipitous irrelevance of the organisation. Ironic isn’t it? Here is a party that has been more stubborn than a dumb mule, refusing to recognise the growing predicament of a vast cross-section of the Indian population in the country.

For years, the MIC insisted on dictating to the people – rather than listening to the voices of the people it purported to represent. One of the clearest and loudest messages coming from the people was that they were being badly squeezed from all directions. But the MIC refused to listen. From the casual to the devoted supporter of the MIC, the message again and again was that we’re being marginalised. But the MIC refused to listen. As the message from the marginalised people and those seeing this marginalisation process creep even closer and closer to them got louder, the more stubborn the MIC got and refused to listen; refused to take note; refused to try to understand.

As the news for the common person got worse, the less it seemed the MIC was inclined to listen. It couldn’t be bothered. As the common MIC supporter got more marginalised, the party became less willing to acknowledge and respond. Ironic isn’t it? By not responding to the marginalisation of the common Indian voice, the MIC itself has become marginalised!

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