One Man Economic Council

Its 1 week now since Prime Minister Najib succeeded Pak Lah as Malaysia's 6th Prime Minister. And it has been one heck of a roller coaster ride.

His 1 Malaysia campaign, which is the prescription any conventional media strategist would give, took a devastating blow when the results of the byelections revealed that on the ground, the Opposition seems to be better adept at putting into practise what PM Najib has been saying. One would be forgiven for giving a wry smile.

UMNO is in shock. The succession of DS Najib, the constant stressing on unity, the release of the Hindraf 2 and Tun's return would seem to be sufficient for a victory in a tradtional BN stronghold of Bukit Gantang. Not only did the Opposition win, they won with a bigger majority. Spin it whatever way you like – the loss does take a lot of wind out of the sails and firmly puts the pressure back on UMNO and BN as to how to come out with a winning strategy.

The biggest problem for PM Najib is that I do not share Tun's optimism over the Government of PM Najib.