Ibrahim Ali wants Umno to ‘propose’

(Bernama) – Pasir Mas Member of Parliament Datuk Ibrahim Ali said today he was not in a hurry to apply to join Umno and instead would wait for the party to make the first move.

“I will not propose to Umno, but I will think about it if Umno proposes to me. I have no idea when that is going to happen,” he said when asked to comment whether he wanted to remain as the sole independent MP or return to Umno.

Ibrahim, whose Umno membership has been suspended for life, said that he would think about it carefully should Umno want him back in the party.

“A decision taken hastily can lead to one’s downfall,” he said after opening the annual general meeting of the Kelantan People’s Action Council here.

Ibrahim, 57, was stripped of his post as the Pasir Mas Umno division chief in November 2003 and later suspended for life after he contested as an independent candidate in the May 2004 general election.

He had previously said that he would make a “shocking political move” but would wait for former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to make his first.

Dr Mahathir rejoined Umno last week.