Najib’s new Cabinet

There have been speculations that the new cabinet would be smaller than the previous one. Well it’s smaller in the sense there are 28 ministers now as compared to the previous 32. But it is bigger in another sense. There is an increase in the deputy ministers in that there are now 40 as compared to 38 in the previous administration.

Will the new line-up make all that difference to the lives of the Malaysians is left to be seen?

Words have been uttered on numerous occasions promising change and performance. But each time these words proved to be hollow and disappointing when what was promised was not delivered.

The majority of ministers are from the previous cabinet and they were part of a government that had failed to deliver and fulfill the expectations of the public at large. That was why they paid the price in the last elections on March 8.

Now they have been assembled once again under a new leadership and it is left to be seen whether this new grouping will deliver on the Prime Minister’s promises.

We will wait and see.

P Ramakrishnan, President Aliran