Lets Start The Perubahan : Ketuanan Melayu

By Syed Akbar Ali

Well the new Cabinet is in. Lets wish them well and let them get started on their job. It is a long haul ahead and we should all really get started early on the job of repair and recovery.

I really hope there will be no reruns of what we have seen over the past six years. Susah nak sustain lagi if things do not change for the better.

Here is some leftover from the recent By Election which I wanted to highlight. It is reflective of an attitude which appears to be ingrained but it really is not. This too can be changed. Lets look at an election poster first. This one features Karpal Singh.

The poster says "Kichi-kichi lembu jaga, sudah besar lawan RAJA. Ini orang tarak guna. Kasi buang dari Malaysia"