How many more lives to be lost?

By Abdullah Saari

It matters not anymore who instructed who; or whoever is behind the murder; or even who declared himself innocent of any involvement. What matters most is, two more lives will be lost due to greed, lust and corruption.

The underlying question will be – what started the whole episode? It will be the procurement of the two submarines which by itself claimed one life and these subsequent two even before being commissioned to enter service.

The greed over the RM440 million in commission for the procurement, the steps taken to cover up ‘lustful’ adventures of the high-flyers involved and the most despicable disease of corruption of the people in the high office are the reasons for this sorry episode.

I, and anybody else with a sane mind for that matter, find it hard to comprehend that these two scapegoats, CI Azilah and Corp. Sirul would embark on a murderous spree if it was not for some orders from the people holding high office and/or perhaps for some irresistible RM reward for accomplishing the task given.

The murder and further death does not just come out of the blue. It is the resulting act of CORRUPTION. The toll and price to pay for this despicable disease are now much higher than it was before, where it used to be some jail sentence or some punishment by fines. This disease is now claiming lives!

This disease has got to be stopped. And in order to stop it we will have to find the virus and the carrier of the disease. But we let ourselves be led by the virus that carries the disease! Can we blame ourselves if one day we see more deaths due to our failure to stop the virus, the CORRUPTOR?

Yes, the blame will be on us. We have to be responsible for failing in our duty to stop the disease. We fail by letting corruptors hold high office. We fail through our lackadaisical attitude and the fear of change. We also fail in educating our society, our children, our family with the awareness on the dangers of corruption.

We have to stop and ask ourselves, "Are these three lives worth RM440 million?" And what if one of these three lives is our friend or family. What about the additional lives and hearts that have been and will be broken by this despicable disease of corruption.

Some people are not even worthy of their own lives and the air that they breathe and the heartbeats that are given by the Almighty and Gracious God. But we allow these people to roam free to inflict further damage and destruction to more lives and the society at large.

The corruptors have to be stopped – and we have to change.