Essay: Should we give Najib a chance?

So, here’s an article I was paid RM 10 million to write, ahaha 😛 it’s the one I’ve been talking about for so long, and it’s already a little outdated. But let’s start from here, and take it from there 🙂

Najib is an easy man to hate.

Truth be told, I don’t trust him any more than the next Malaysiakini reader.

Our job as commentators however, should always involve scrutinising the big picture, identifying where the truly important pivots of change are, and mapping out the road ahead. We must constantly seek the best strategy for long term success, and work for change in the ways that will make the most difference.

I feel that in the first week of his reign, too many of us have taken the easy way out as far as criticising our new prime minister goes.

This is understandable; many are angry today as we continue to see justice falling short in the Altantuya case, continuous governmental interference in the quest for truth in the Kugan murder, Disneyland and submarine corruption scandals not dealt with, and so on.

These and a history of bad reputations have made many of us view Najib’s first few actions will extreme cynicism, and dismissed his tactics as disingenuous.

I don’t actually think such cynicism or dismissals are misplaced, but I do fear Najib’s opponents are underestimating his recent tactics a little.