Najib’s ‘baggage’ free cabinet

Oi, everyone’s talking about Najib’s cabinet and that he must appoint people with no baggages. In other words, corruption and scandal free.

HAHAHAHAHA! Is that possible?

Oi, give me a break. Tell me who has the largest baggage to carry?

How can we expect him to have a clean cabinet, filled with people with no baggages when he’s carrying that biggest baggage over his head?

The criteria for the new line-up are they must have university degrees and are not seen as having any political baggage or corrupt.

However, most Umno and Barisan Nasional politicians are seen as having baggage or are corrupt, leaving Najib with very few options.

Source: Malaysian Insider.

Najib having few options?

What about the people of Malaysia? We can’t even decide who’s our Prime Minister !!!!

The bloody newspapers are talking about najib’s ‘options’ !

It’s us, ordinary folks who have no option, inspite of paying all those taxes to the CABINET.

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