Kenapa saya masuk balik UMNO (Jawapan)

Terima kasih kerana ramai yang bersetuju saya masuk balik UMNO. Ramai juga yang menyoal "flip-flop" saya. Izinkan saya jelaskan sedikit.

2. Does the bruising blow to Barisan Nasional at the recent election show that you cannot hold one MAN entirely responsible for all the ills?

3. I think they still do. A leader plays a big role especially in Malaysia and the quality of his leadership affects the behaviour and performance of his subordinates whether elected or of the permanent service.

4. Yes there had always been corruption but when the leader is accused of being corrupt, his subordinates will emulate him and be equally corrupt. When that leader defends his son-in-law who had been found to be corrupt, the people's perception of the Government would not improve. That corruption has become blatant and widespread after Abdullah took over cannot be attributed to coincidence.

5. For 6 years now there had been practically no development. Malaysian businessmen had to look for jobs abroad. Yet people know that there were contracts given out to chosen people via the Government Linked Companies. Sometimes the PM himself would announce the GLC which had been given the contracts even though the EPU had not determined the specifications. This was the case with the four billion Ringgit Penang bridge. The PM had no respect for procedures.

6. I can list a whole lot of things done by the PM or neglected by the PM which caused a loss of direction for the whole Government. The curved bridge to Singapore was abandoned by the PM supposedly because the people of Johor did not want it. Everyone knows this is not true.

7. Yet for 50 years before this man, the country had grown steadily and the support of the people was solid. Had he been handed a rotten party and Government he would not have won the 2004 Elections with 90 per cent majority.