Very unStatus Quo

The results of the recent 3 by-elections are already known. BN won the Batang Ai seat in Sarawak. That victory is hailed as proof that it is difficult for peninsular based political parties to gain a foothold in Sarawak.

That is also proof that the people of Sarawak still loved Taib Mahmud. Never mind the fact that many still lived in longhouses without ICs while a daughter of Taib Mahmud has a RM28 million house in Canada. That's ok, because that's status quo.

In peninsular Malaysia, the PR won in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau. I was at the scene in Bukit Gantang and accordingly gave my analyses.

But the status quo supporters were quick to point out that these victories in peninsular Malaysia do not change anything. The previous candidates in these two bukits were PR wakil rakyats. So their current victories proved nothing. The PR just got back what were theirs in the first place. Status quo remains.

That is true indeed. The victories reinforce the status quo in the sense they do not change the rakyat's anguish and rejection of BN and BN's polices.

If we were after retention of status quo in the first place, it would have been better off for everyone to give a walkover to the political parties that held the seats before the by elections. It would have been cheaper too.