Syabas Samy Vellu!

How do you guarantee a defeat in an election? Be sure to put up an MIC candidate. And just for added assurance, send Samy Vellu along to go campaign for the candidate.

Poor Samy. So sad. His candidate, who had the audacity to refer to himself as Malaysia’s Obama, got a rude awakening. How pathetic indeed.

Now this is how bad things have really gotten for the MIC. Samy Vellu puts up his ‘worthy candidate’ in Bukit Selambau – a party insider – who has to take on a newcomer from the opposition; and that too, a newcomer who from the very start, was a controversial pick. And the MIC still loses!

One thing is clear – the MIC has received a resounding response for what it has been doing to re-brand itself, clean-up its image, and to woo back the voters. Maybe Samy’s ‘MIC communication team’ will come along in the next day or two and tell us what a wonderful success their campaign at Bukit Selambau has been! Yes, we will probably even be told the MIC is determined to clean-up its act and will continue to make progress as it has done over the past year.

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