Mahathir….. you failed me

I read Tun Mahathir blog article under the heading, “Mengapa saya masuk balik UMNO” with sadness.

I am appalled at Mahathir writing. Now I have less respect for him. If my mother can read what I am about to write here, she would give me a long lecture. I understand my mother loyalty to Tun M because when Tun M became the PM, certain events took place that affected our family personally. My mother is grateful to Mahathir for life. In fact, our whole family is grateful. Being grateful does not mean that we are not allowed to criticise Mahathir. It does not mean that we have listened to him all the time.

2. Firstly, Abdullah was the candidate that he picked to be the PM when he retired. If he thinks that Abdullah does not have what it takes, why chose him. In this aspect failure to do a proper succession planning is probably Mahathir biggest failure.