Loss For Words

ANY word on tonight’s results from THE MAHAJIB?

So far nothing yet.

Some illuminating comments from the defeated side.

MUHYIDDIN on Bukit Gantang:

“Maybe the people have a feel-good factor relating to Najib’s premiership, but they have yet to absorb the good feelings.”

Sure, dude. Maybe you should fly in James Brown to do a concert here and help things along.

HISHAMUDDIN on Bukit Selambau:

“You must understand, this is not our seat and not our state, we did not lose our own seat. So to look at it in such a defeated manner… I am not prepared to do that.”

Ok. Since you put it that way, we on this side will also not look at Batang Ai in such a defeated manner. After all, you must understand, it is not our seat and not our state, we did not lose our own seat.

In any case, please remember that the last time Bukit Selambau was “your” seat in “your” state, you comprehensively lost it to an independent candidate.

An independent candidate.

TSU KOON on the two losses:

“We should look at the results as a reminder to BN to effect reform more concretely.”

TEE KEAT on the two losses:

It is quite clear from tonight’s results that the people want much more from us. They do not want to hear promises of change but they want to experience real change.

It will take us a while before we regain their trust in our commitment to change our mindset about our relationship with them and accept the fact that there can only be one political master, the rakyat.

We have a long journey ahead and there is much to be done as well as undone before we can firmly say BN is well grounded with the people to know how to serve the people.

Dudes, you know that’s not gonna happen with UMNO getting ketuanan on your respective asses all the time.

Maybe what you people in Gerakan and MCA should do is disband and join either DAP or PKR.

Heck, you guys are welcome to join the Kelab Penyokong PAS if you want.

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