Pakatan Rakyat’s historic victory in the by-elections of Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang has once again laid bare the gulf of credibility between the mainstream media and the Internet community, led by the Pakatan Bloggers, or Special Bunch as they liked to be known.

The accurate on the ground reporting as well as registered hits numbering in the millions, is now the conclusive proof that the blogoshpere has overtaken the broadsheet as the primary source of information for the Malaysian public. Taken together with the rest of the by elections that have occurred over the last one year, the result stands as Pakatan Bloggers 4, Government Media 1.

Or in other words, the euphemistic trashing.

The effect of the Pakatan bloggers can no longer be categorized as an aberration or merely restricted to the Internet Junkies in this country. The mainstream media's credebility is constantly brought into question, as their frequent ommission of key facts, biased coverage and blatant misreporting has led the Malaysian public to seek an alternative news outlet.