My bet – PR takes 2 Hills, BN wins River battle

You might disagree, but to me it is still tough to call whether Bukit Gantang will go to Umno or remain with PAS. See my previous mullings here.

The Chinese and Indians are still likely to be mostly behind Pakatan Rakyat, ie the PAS candidate. This means that most of the 36 per cent of the voters are behind PR.

But what about the Malays there? Nearly 64 per cent of the total voters are Malays.
It would be obvious to say the Malays are split, but many more seem to be tilting to BN this time around.

Why? Just like the Chinese and Indians are tired of the loud language of Umno and the keris, many Malays are increasingly tired (and worried) of the loud language of the DAP and Chinese groups in pushing previous boundaries, including the MCA which is asking for a Deputy PM, for example.