And so, what the hell happened to Kugan?

Azhar Harun

I just don't understand. I believe I am not thick. But try as I might, I just can't understand. What the hell happened to Kugan?

He was a burly young guy. Arrested and remanded by the police on suspicion of being a part of an international car theft syndicate. Five days later, he was brought to a hospital. And he died! The first post mortem report said that there was fluid in his lung. And he died because of that.

The family was of course not amused. They took picture of his body. He was full of bruises and cuts. His legs were swollen. His back was full of fresh lacerations, as if he was cut with some really blunt knives. His mouth was frothing. The family demanded another post mortem. The authorities initially said "nothing doing". Later they relented.

Meanwhile the family, including a Deputy Minister was questioned by the police for invading the mortuary. The second post mortem report essentially said Kugan was beaten to death.