Openess.. Ghandi reborn in Malaysia as Najib?

Almost all major newspaper and online media quoted Muhyuddin Yassin about the new way of the BN government would be dealing with the rakyat.

He was saying that Najib had shown the way with his walk in KL at three different places where he let down formality. This will be the new way of governing where the government will be open. I like this new “openness concept” but what I like and what I believe will happen is two different things.

2. I do not know what kind of mentality our people have. After one street walk, the leaders are now saying the government is now more open. Surely, after more than 50 years MERDEKA, the people mentality cannot be so low that they are gullible into believing that the government has change. Can one man really change things overnight? We are talking about a man who actually rose in political career where not everything is so open. Anyway, I would hope that it is a dream that would come true. It looks like Najib has become Ghandi.