Buy Election or Bye Election

I have a bad feeling about coming Tuesday, for a number of reasons.

Our new PM hasn't shown that he's the one who will play by the book. Only this kind of leader gets the support of UMNO – going by the speeches about wanting UMNO to dominate the government, licences to be given to UMNO members, UMNO not to hesitate to use governmental power to clamp down on civil dissent etc.. This PM is the one UMNO can trust to do what is good for UMNO, the rest of the country be damned.

Did you have a good feeling when the new PM went visiting Petaling Street, Brickfields etc..? Did you have a good feeling when some ISA detainees were released? If so, no one can blame you, for you have be bombarded by mainstream media over days. But you ought to be blamed if you let this good feeling get in the way of rationalising why you should NOT support BN in any of the coming by-elections, and if you shut off the few means in which the opposition could reach you – SMS, internet.