….and the people are getting angry…….very angry !!

Came back to my hometown Taiping again, but this time there was no rain…looks like there will be sunshine for the next few days….but then again let's hope against hope, cos it's Taiping that we're talking about here.

Seriously folks,the reason for my visit so soon was last night's ceremah in Simpang, a junction town just outside of Taiping and about 4km. west from the town-centre.

A dinner organised by Perak DAP and supposedly dubbed the "mother of all ceremahs" with an all-star ensemble of heavy-weights from PAS, KeAdilan and the DAP.

And the tickets from the 5,000 odd seated audience were snapped-up within a few hours of the announcement. There were people everywhere and this sleepy hollow called Simpang, which was the focal point for the first railway line between Taiping and Port Weld (now known as Kuala Sepetang) never saw the likes of such traffic jams ever before. Below I post photos for your viewing pleasure.