Voters of Gantang, Ai and Selambau!

Malaysia stands at a cross roads and fate has given you the power to decide where she will turn next. We have a brand new Prime Minister and with him comes brand new policies. You have the power to decide what these policies shall be.

In the old days, politicians made promises and depending on whether you voted for them or not, these promises were mostly unkept. But if you were lucky, some of these promises may actually be fulfilled.

Then again on hindsight, does luck have anything to do with it? I think not. If you had the combined power to retain or kick out such politicians in the next elections, most likely his promises will be kept. If you did not have this power, whichever way you voted, most likely his promises will be conveniently forgotten.

Those were the days when BN had monopoly of power. Great historical events have unfolded and BN’s monopoly is being shaken. Whether BN likes it or not, you now possess the balance of power in your hands, in your votes.

The gains made by the opposition have created a welcome change in the attitude of the BN towards the ordinary people of Malaysia. This can only be because BN is afraid you will cast your votes for the opposition in the next elections.

More and more good things have been given to ordinary people. More and more promises have been made by BN politicians. Recently our new Prime Minister has made even more concessions and promises.

According to the old ways, if you do not vote for the BN, the assumption is that these promises will not be kept. However, I tell you that the circumstances have changed. BN’s monopoly of power has been shaken and it is actually the opposite.

You can ensure that these promises will be kept by exercising your power to vote against the BN. The BN cannot conveniently forget their promises anymore. If they do, they can be assured they will lose the next elections.

You therefore have this power to tell the BN which way you want Malaysia to go. It is all up to you and you can do this by MAKING BN KEEP THEIR PROMISES TO YOU! You have the power to decide for us in the rest of Malaysia and we await your decision with bated breath.

Say NO to patronage and cronyism. Say NO to arrogance and abuse of power. Say YES to honesty, neutrality and professionalism in the civil service. Say YES to real reforms.

Whatever you decide, the struggle continues. You have the power to make it 100x faster and easier. You have the power to point the direction Malaysia will be taking.

By batsman