“I’m Never Not Ok”

In short, I am never not okay with the delegates’ choice but I have my reservations about the integrity and ability of some of the Supreme Councilors to be appointed to government posts.

A Kadir Jasin

WHEN friends and acquaintances ask me how I am, I’ll always tell them “I’m never not okay.” It means I’m always okay.

I sometimes wonder if I’m telling them the truth. But I always come to the conclusion that I was not telling them a lie.

Either I’m being practical, cynical or philosophical, that answer sums up my general attitude towards life.

I’ve lived long enough not to believe that my sadness and uncontrollable anger will change anything. So, if I’m angry or dislike something, I make a point of not saying too much about it. Or, better still, not saying anything at all.

So, when I did not comment in this blog about the personalities in the new Umno Supreme Council line-up, a long time friend remarked: “So you’re not to happy with the line-up.”

Well, does it matter whether I am happy or not? Supposing I’m not, would the delegates care? Would the Umno President care? Would the Supreme Councilors themselves care?

The chances are they don’t. So what do I do? First, I don’t sing praises for them. Not all of them of course. Many are fine gentlemen. Good enough to be country squires.

I can’t say much about the ladies because there aren’t that many of them. Despite the importance of the Wanita Wing to the party, the delegates seemed not to place too much importance to electing them to the Supreme Council.