Hindraf duo still not fully free

(The Malaysian Insider) – The two Hindraf leaders released from the Kamunting detention centre this afternoon are still in police custody, opposition leader Lim Kit Siang said today.

He said both V. Ganabatirau and R. Kenghadharan were taken by police and are believed to be at the Selangor police contingent headquarters in Shah Alam.

Both were released conditionally and had yet to leave the police custody.

“This is a most shameful way in releasing the two and most outrageous way in treating their families, which included young children!” Lim said in a statement.

“Can the new prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak explain the reason for the police ‘cat-and-mouse’ with Ganabatirau and Kengadharan and their families when Najib had announced their ‘immediate release’ under the ISA?” the Ipoh Timur MP asked.

He said both Hindraf leaders were  taken out of Kamunting Detention Centre at 1.30pm under strict police escort, without being allowed to meet with their families, and as at 4.30pm the two police cars transporting the two in custody were sighted at Sungei Buloh, believed to be on the way to the Shah Alam police building.

The DAP strongman said the police move was a violation of the three Najib thematic themes of “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now."

Another three Hindraf leaders have yet to be freed. Critics say the release of just two is to fish for votes in three by-elections this April 7.