Najib’s current dream purchase – a Time Machine

The heat of becoming the next Prime Minister of Malaysia must be unbearable!!!

We’ve  had  jets, copters, sub marines,…. Can the French or Russian built Jibby a Time Machine?

He is soooo close… yet so far … to become Malaysia’s 6th Prime Minister:


What’s interesting?….

He has washed hands off the 3 by elections…. conveniently passing the ball to Muyiddin & the 3 VPs… no one has seen him campaigning in any of the 3 seat areas thus far.
Moreover, he has gotten PDRM to command Pakatan Rakyat – No “Altantuya” or no permit.-

  • Jibby, scared ah???? ahahahahaha…

His” friendly” bloggers have been busy covering his ass by diverting attention from him… one of them, a newly re-elected Press Club pres, even gone to pass the ball to Sultan Azlan Shah by saying Bukit Gantang is an “Anwar vs Sultan” by election!!!

  • hahahahaha!!!…. Oi! delCapo just spent 3 days in Bukit Gantang lah…. It’s all about Nizar Nizar Nizar….. even Anwar, Najib, Tuanku were not mentioned much… let alone seen battling it out.
  • Anwar just came back from overseas lah… & i think you fellas have certainly used the Tuanku’s name often enough…..
  • What utter rubbish!!! hahahahaha…. funny though… nice try!
  • NAJIB CANNOT RUN AWAY FROM THE 3 BY-ELECTIONS!!! no mater how you spin it!!


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