Najib to go with Pak Lah to palace tomorrow

By Lee Wei Lian, The Malaysian Insider

Datuk Seri Najib Razak will accompany the prime minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Abdullah Badawi tomorrow when he goes to seek consent from the King for the power transition.

Najib, the deputy prime minister also said that if the King gives his consent, the transfer of power from the prime minister to his deputy will take place in a ceremony on Friday.

"Tomorrow the prime minister will invite me to accompany him to have an audience with the King," Najib told reporters today after officiating a ceremony to disburse funds to Tamil schools.

Najib also said that One Malaysia will be the thrust of his government emphasizing a fairer distribution of government assistance to all communities.

"One Malaysia is based upon mutual respect and trust among all the races," he said adding that he will explain how the philosophy is translated into policies and programmes on April 3.

A farewell party will be organised for outgoing prime minister Abdullah.

When asked about how the last cabinet meeting went, Najib said that it was "very sentimental and emotional".

According to Najib, Abdullah promised not to interfere with or openly criticise his administration but also openly shared what he hopes the new leadership will do.

"I appreciate the fact that if we need his advice, he will be there," added Najib.