Manikumar goes on line with NST readers

(NST) SUNGAI PETANI: PKR candidate for Bukit Selambau, S Manikumar, took time off from his busy schedule to field questions from NST Online readers via CoverItLive. Manikumar took questions from his base at Yayasan Aman, Jalan Sg Lalang.

 S. Manikumar says he is still new politically but he has other strengths
S. Manikumar says he is still new politically but he has other strengths  

Mojo: Bro Manikumar, before I get to the serious questions. Here's an ice-breaker. Are u a footie fan? If yes, which English premier league side do you support?

Manikumar: I support Arsenal

KFTANG: Good afternoon, En. Manikumar. How do you rate your chances in a record field of 15 candidates vying for the state seat? Who do you think is your main opponent in the contest? Is it Datuk Ganesan of BN or any of the Independent candidates?

Manikumar: I'm confident of winning because I am struggling for Bangsa Malaysia.

Justin: Are you afraid BN will do harm to you?

Manikumar: Justin, I am not afraid. They might give threats after I win.

KFTANG: What are the main problems facing the Indian community in Bukit Selambau? How do you intend to tackle their grouses and problems if you win and be appointed a state executive councillor?

Manikumar: I'm not a leader of mono-ethnic but for all races that defines Bangsa Malaysia.

Mojo: Are u a local boy? Some people claim you were parachuted into Bukit Selambau. Comment?

Manikumar: I'm a local. I speak the dialect.

FKFTANG: Can you say something about yourself?

Manikumar: I am still new politically but I have other strengths.

KFTANG: Have you quit your job as an enterpreneur and a businessman to contest this by-election?

Manikumar: Most probably I will quit as a businessman. That's my biggest sacrifice.

Mojo: If u are local, then tell us more about the PKR Jerai division. Why did they back out? Are you going to reach out to them? It is obvious you need their support.

Manikumar: It's a personal agenda and we don't need rotten apples. They have personal agenda and have made allies with the MIC.


KFTANG: Is your wife helping you out in the walkabouts? Is she working?

Manikumar: My wife is a secondary school teacher in Sg Layang.

Justin: Oh so your wife is working for the BN government?

Manikumar: My wife is not campaigning. She is a teacher, a civil servant.

Ah long: Manikumar, did you campaign for PKR in the March general election and what was your role then?

Manikumar: I did campaign. I was a committee member for Indian voters.