Bodoh Punya Pakatan

In any serious political effort, it does not make any sense in creating more enemies . Unfortunately for some amateurs, emotions and silly ideas masquerading as ideology often screw up the hard work of the rest by creating enemies unnecessarily.

The dire need of our country at this moment is to have a healthy 2 party system of politics whereby the civil service is whipped into being neutral, honest and professional in carrying out their duties. As long as UMNO with its long tradition of patronage and cronyism is in monopoly of political and administrative power, this hope of a neutral, honest and professional civil service is a pipe dream.

UMNO’s monopoly on political and administrative power must be disbanded – nothing more and nothing less. It does not even make sense for UMNO as a political party to be destroyed since we need a duality. UMNO members need a less arrogant, less corrupt reformed party, but that is their struggle and their business. As far as the Pakatan is concerned, it should be fighting for a healthy 2 party political system and a neutral civil service.

So why is there any criticism of the Malay Rulers at all? As far as the country’s political system goes, it is a constitutional monarchy and all parties say they respect this system. Unfortunately saying is one thing and doing is another thing. All parties must come down hard on their members who criticize the Malay Rulers just to show they really mean it when they say they respect the constitutional monarchy.

The DAP must control its big mouthed leaders. If it feels its members are sympathetic to their big mouthed leaders, and cannot be controlled, then Bodoh Punya DAP members, for the more they criticize the Malay Rulers, the more they lose out in the main objective of neutralizing the civil service. So – DAP members – wise up! You do not gain any benefits by criticizing Royalty except to vent frustration. In fact, if you had called upon PAS and PKR to stop their attacks, you would have gained points, but you did not. Neither did you succeed in controlling your big mouthed leaders.

The same goes for criticism of Islam although this issue is much more complicated. The DAP has nothing to gain by criticism of Islam. In fact it has everything to lose. Islam promotes multi-racial tolerance and fights injustice. If the DAP is really serious in fighting injustice, it should be making friends with Muslims whose life’s aims is to fight injustice.

The complication comes when there are many different interpretations and applications of Islamic principles. It is up to those who are familiar with these principles and interpretations to argue it out, not for those with little knowledge and plenty of frustrations to muddy the waters. So there are criticisms and criticisms.

Those who criticize with knowledge and understanding are making valid arguments. Those that criticize to vent frustrations are just making other people angry. In fact these people show they are not fit to be leaders. So if the DAP had come down hard on their members who criticize Islam without any knowledge or understanding, they would have gain points.

So, bodoh punya Pakatan, the only important thing is to disband UMNO’s monopoly on political and administrative power. Every other issue is just a distraction. Do not make more enemies than you need. Show you are worthy of political and administrative leadership of this country. Show the rakyat you are equal or better than BN (at least for the next 2 general elections), not an irresponsible permanent opposition venting permanent frustrations. (Given the utter corruption in the BN, this should be a piece of cake, but even this you falter in your efforts – bodoh punya Pakatan)

PS. This goes double for those who write empty-headed rubbish about revolutions. They are simple-mindedly and dangerously bodoh!

By batsman