Bloggers… Why? Why? Why? 3 Whys on Batang Ai N29?

It was more than 2 whys when I touched down at Kuching International airport this evening. This is an extract from a conversation which I had with a senior journalists/political analysts at Mcdonalds restaurant this evening.  Its meant to happen and this is the first why?

My phone was off and as I landed in Kuching there was a message. It seems a day away from action packed newsapapers in Sarawak has awaken the journalistic feelings of one who never seems out of touch with the realities of everyday Sarawak.

Seems for two consecutive days,the bloggers have been under attack.There is no need to mention WHO and the readers have already envisaged who. Never the who but question the WHY WHY and WHY the bloggers? Are they being feared?  It’s a food for thought  and  it seems the bloggers have indeed ruffled the state administrators that they have to come out and say a thing or two. Do they need to…???

Its a ‘People’s right” and with the advancement of IT savvy technology the public would seek an alternative and has a right to seek a balance of alternatives in this political divide. The people will be the judge to associate themselves with the mainstream media or the alternatives.