PKR Claims 63% Phantom Voters In Housing Estate

(Bernama) – Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) claims that 2,215 doubtful and phantom voters have been detected in the Taman Bandar Baru Bangi located in the Bukit Selambau state constituency.

PKR Youth deputy head Fariz Musa said the figure represented about 63 percent of the total of 3,544 registered voters in the housing estate alone.

"We use the Sistem Menang Pilihan Raya (Sismep) software which finds that up to 60 voters are living in one house in the housing scheme," he told reporters, here Tuesday.

He said what was being questioned was that there were houses where various races such as the Malays, Indians, Chinese and Siamese were staying together in the same house.

He said so far 76 houses had been detected and the PKR Youth movement would ask the Election Commission (EC) to take immediate action to clean the electoral roll for the sake of democracy.

Fariz said so far, the PKR Youth was only checking on one housing estate and would merge the results of all the studies on phantom and doubtful voters before handing it over to the EC.

"Today we will go to the house that we detected to contain the phantom and doubtful voters for verification before sending the protest memorandum to the EC," he said.

Meanwhile, on the decision of the head of the Jerai PKR division, B.Kalaivanar, who had announced his decision to leave the party together with 500 of his supporters Monday, PKR deputy secretary-general Dr Xavier Jayakumar denied that the Jerai PKR division had been dissolved.

He said the Indian community's support for PKR was not affected although Kalaivanar and his supporters had left the party.