Britain, a Ticking Depression Time-Bomb?

Make no mistake about it. Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Najib Razak, has made the necessary preparations for his husband to be sworn in as Malaysia’s sixth Prime Minister scheduled on this Friday.

There shouldn’t be any more surprises which could delay the celebration. Sure, outgoing lame-duck Abdullah Badawi said the transition of power will happen in due course but he said so out of frustration. The fact is he has no other choice but to obediently hand-over the throne almost immediately after his schedule meeting with the King this Thursday. No matter how hard you pray and hope that something will happen that will deny Najib’s swearing-in, the writing is on the wall that Najib will definitely take over by this week.

And Najib didn’t give a damn if the sudden appearance of former dictator Mahathir who is also his mentor during the UMNO assembly closing ceremony was actually the greatest insult to Abdullah Badawi. The timing was perfect and immediately Najib scored some crucial points with influential Mahathir behind him. Badawi was supposed to deliver his last speech and given the face-saving farewell exit but suddenly Hulk Hogan appeared out of nowhere *minus the music* and all the cheers and thunders were stolen by the old man (Mahathir). If this is not the greatest insult to the outgoing PM, I do not know what else is. The tainted Najib needed all the points he could possibly get to lift his image. So the orchestra to inject feel-good atmosphere to the delegates and the public.

Like it or not Abdullah Badawi was a disastrous and historians are still having tough time figuring what was his greatest contribution(s) else future history books could end up with question marks on the past Prime Ministers’ achievements. Given the option businessmen would prefer (and hope) the new PM (Najib Razak) as the perception is that Najib would be a better leader than Abdullah Badawi. Sure, Najib’s academic major was in economic although his star shines in defence / military instead but businessmen was hoping at least Mahathir, rumored to become UMNO’s special advisor, could guide the Razak Jr. in putting the economy back on track after 6-years on auto-pilot.