The 59th UMNO General Assembly has just concluded it’s Agenda and emerging from it, a new group of leaders. Many of the vocal politicians were elected to the Supreme Council, as well as to top party posts. Many non-Malays were alarmed at the strong rhetoric, that defended Malay Supremacy, the Social Contract, the Bumiputra status, and the defense of the mother race.

There is really no course for alarm, as these words were spoken behind closed doors and were meant for the Malay delegates and not for public consumption.

We must salute UMNO for their past stoic efforts to uphold the dignity of the Malays and its continued efforts to provide an umbrella for the Malays..

In the last 50 years, it has fought hard for the Malays and today it still stands proud, as the only party that looks after Malay interests..
So many leaders of today are forever indebted to UMNO.

A new Leader has emerged to be the UMNO President. So influential that there was no challengers, and with the endorsement  of the entire 2499 delegates.

A Youth Leader, with superior intellectual and economic skills, and a  product of Oxford University.

A former President who is returning to the UMNO fold, with his wealth of political experience. continuing his quest to unite the Malays.
An experienced  Wanita leader, that understands the need for development, after her unfortunate loss in Pantai Dalam, a Vice President and an Education Minister that fights for the right of Malaysian children to study Math and Science in English., who also apologized humbly to the nation, for the Kris waving and decided to retire the Kris for the sake of Malaysian unity.

One member has called for stricter control governing the internet, citing the onslaught of unfair criticsm against UMNO and the Malay race. Yet this critics will not dream of criticizing their own parties MCA/MIC and other BN component parties, that purportedly is also fighting for the rights of the non-Malays. They are saying that Malays must be like them, and should not have any special rights.
UMNO membere are of course distressed by such sweeping comments. Who wouldn’t be?

Even leaders that were suspended for money politics, or lost in the elections, still pledge their loyalties to the party. Some, even refuses to resign, leaving their fate to the top party leaders to decide. Others offer to resign citing waning support.

So it is really sad to see that in the last GE, so many has abandoned the party that looked after their interests all these years and voted for the opposition instead. What made them change their stance and loyalty,  why did they show their disappointment with the party that made so many sacrifices for them, fought for them, even crossing swords with non-Malays just to ensure that the Malays do not lag behind?

They must ask themselves and search their hearts, as to what made the Malays switch their allegiance to the opposition.  Is it because of money, morals, religious hypocrisy?

Is it because of unfulfilled promises , or the cake wasn’t big enough?. Or is it the fact that Malays are more god fearing Muslims, refusing to accept corrupted leaders?

Has the Malays evolved to be more honest, more independent, more sympathetic  to the concept of a Ketuanan Rakyat.?

No one will really knows, but the slow exodus to the opposition will remain a headache, that UMNO must address. It can start to win back voters through prudent policies or charge headon with radical force.

UMNO is in a vulnerable position, and the sooner they realize that PAS and Keadilan is like a shining beacon attracting more citizens to its clear cut “Ketuanan Rakyat”concept, with a level playing field for everyone, a Unite and Rule concept, and a multiracial party, the better. If not, the Malays would be left to fend for themselves, if UMNO becomes an opposition party one day.

My advice is, non-Malays should level their criticism at their own political parties and urge them to restore or upgrade the rights of the non-Malays to the level of the Bumiputras. Constant slingshots at UNNO who does not represent them will only cause more racial conflicts and misunderstandings. UMNO is Malay and will protect its rights. It is up to the component parties of BN, to ensure non Malay rights are not trampled upon.

And for God’s sake, stop blaming UMNO.

Penned by: Iskandar Dzulkarnain