Why Is “Malaysia Today” Promoting Khairy?

The Opposition Have An Inherent Fear of Najib – By Matthias Chang

Prior to and during the last General Elections, Malaysia Today came out with guns blazing exposing the hidden agendas of Khairy and his “corrupt practices” and other political sins.

The Khairy Chronicles was printed and distributed widely.

In several ceremahs, speakers after speakers lambasted Khairy and Badawi and the electorate responded with their trade mark denunciations. The Opposition won five states because the electorate was utterly disgusted with the Prime Minister and his son-in-law.

All the comments by bloggers published in Malaysia Today were full of profanities and condemnations!

In the run up to the just concluded UMNO elections, Khairy was found guilty of “money politics” but was reprimanded, instead of suspension and being barred from participating in the UMNO elections as was the case for the Malacca Chief Minister.
Yet, Malaysia Today in a feature article proclaimed that Khairy won the UMNO Youth elections purely on merits and not on corrupt practices, and this is notwithstanding the reprimand by none other than the UMNO Disciplinary Board. Malaysia Today went on to state that Khairy should be given the space to “reform” UMNO Youth! The editor of Malaysia Today says that he is a man of principle and not a prostitute. Well, as far as I am concerned, he has prostituted himself for Khairy for reasons best known to him.

What a load of double speak!