A tombstone and chrysanthemums greet Zambry

By Neville Spykerman, The Malaysian Insider

As the new mentri besar Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir addressed an MCA organised gathering tonight in a Chinese school a stone's throw away from where the embattled Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin remains holed up, hundreds of Chinese demonstrators carried out a noisy protest which at times drowned out the festive Chinese New Year party inside.

Protest organisers set up a make shift tombstone on the road shoulder and invited the crowd to place lit candles and yellow chrysanthemum flowers to symbolized their despair.

A moment of silence was also observed by the crowd and even policemen who were directing heavy traffic on the road stop using their whistles.

Earlier at 8.45 pm, the crowd jeered loudly when a car carrying Zambry drove up to the school.

Police moved in to disperse the crowds but organisers appealed to police to let them gather peacefully and they relented.

After loud chants calling for the state legislative assembly to be dissolved the crowd slowly dispersed on their own accord.

Ooi Chee Way, one of the protesters, said he organised today's protest to allow people to voice their frustrations and anger.

"We had spread the news about the protest via short messaging text, phone calls and by word of mouth and we are pleased with the turnout." said the 36-year-old contractor.

Ooi said he was not from any political party and was just an individual who was angry with the recent turn of events, in Perak.

Meanwhile at 10.30 pm  members of the public, including voters from Jelapang, started denouncing Assemblyman Hee Yit Foong at the same site.